10 Best Anti-Aging Foods for Younger Looking Skin

Anti-Aging Foods

Who wouldn’t want to be forever young? As the technology progresses, no scientist can find any clue on keeping us young forever. The body changes. As we age, it becomes weaker and more susceptible to illnesses and that includes deterioration of systemic functions. If only we could stop aging but no one could! Anti-aging foods help to sustain one’s health to get through this stage.

These healthy foods will not alter the aging process but definitely will help prevent the negative effects of aging. While there are yummy foods to boost your mood, there are also foods to make your skin look younger. Check them out below:

10. Rice and Pasta (Wholemeal)

Anti-Aging Foods
Carbohydrates are one of the three most important nutrients that our body needs. It is the main source of energy. Wholemeal rice and pasta are two examples of complex carbohydrates in which both are high in fiber. Twice the amount of iron is found in wholemeal pasta while brown rice is a high source of vitamin B.


9. Cruciferous Vegetables

Anti-Aging Foods

Vegetables, as we all know, is one of the healthiest foods that our body needs. Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, watercress, and radish are some of the cruciferous vegetables which aid our body to fight cancer and toxins. These vegetables should be included in our daily diet amounting to 115g/40g. Lightly cooked or raw is the best way to serve this vegetable to maintain the essential enzymes.


8. Garlic

Anti-Aging Foods

Garlic is known for its cardioprotective effects in our body. One clove a day shields our body from cardiovascular disease and cancer. One study was conducted in Iowa, USA, in 1994. With 41,837 women at the age of 55 to 69 who consumed at least one garlic (one clove) per week, 50% of them were less likely to have colon cancer. In Tasgore Medical College, India, another study was made. They found out that garlic helps reduce levels of cholesterol and also aids in blood thinning which is more effective than aspirin. This study showed that garlic can help in reducing the possibility of heart disease.


7. Watermelon

Anti-Aging Foods

Watermelon is delicious and nutritious. The flesh is packed with vitamins A, B, C plus its seeds which contain selenium, vitamin E, zinc and essential fats that can help fight both aging and damages caused by free radicals.


6. Nuts

Anti-Aging Foods

Brazil nuts and walnuts are excellent sources of minerals. Walnut, in particular, is rich in copper, zinc, selenium, magnesium, and potassium but it has high-calorie content. Consuming nuts on a daily basis boost your immunity, aids in the overall function of digestive system, prevents cancer, improves our skin and helps in controlling the level of cholesterol. It is not advisable to eat rancid nuts because of the free radicals that can damage a healthy body.


5. Ginger

Anti-Aging Foods

Ginger root aids in digestion, it keeps our gut healthy and bowel movement in good condition.


4. Water

Anti-Aging Foods

Water is essential for removing toxins and waste materials in our body. The least amount of water that should be consumed in a day is eight glasses. Never rely on your thirst because it decreases as we get older.


3. Soya

Anti-Aging Foods

A perfect anti-aging compound beneficial in our body is soybeans or soya. It has high protein content which aids in maintaining and building youthful muscles. The soy isoflavones are known to lower cholesterol level naturally and shield the heart from diseases. The plant estrogens present in soya mimics the human estrogen, that is usually used in anti-aging products and treatments nowadays.


2. Berries

Anti-Aging Foods

Black grapes, blackberries, blueberries, and blackcurrants contain this powerful phytochemical called flavonoids, a powerful antioxidant that aids in protecting our body from damages which are caused by aging and free radicals.


1. Avocado

Anti-Aging Foods

It keeps our skin healthy and hinders skin aging. Avocado is high in potassium that helps in preventing fluid retention and hypertension. It is also a great source of Vit E.

Now that you know the best anti-aging foods, try to consume more of them for a healthy, glowing and younger looking skin!

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  • Absolutly agree with the author of this article! I knew a lot about healthy food and even try to keep eating it. But not only the food you eat, the way how you cook it is very important. You can’t eat just boiled food, but you need to consume stew, or even roasted. I usually use fryer to cook some delicious delicatessen. If you imterested I left website.

  • Glowing and youthful skin depends on what we eat. These anti ageing foods will help to erase wrinkles and looking younger. I like this article so much. Thanks and keep sharing.

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