10 Most Common Reasons Why Couples Argue

Most Common Reasons Why Couples Argue - False Memory Syndrome

Are you and your partner argue all the time? It is so common for couples to have some disagreements at some point in their lives.
The disagreement may not reach the argument stage; however, it still remains as disagreement.

Here are the 10 most common reasons why couples argue

1. Sex

Most Common Reasons Why Couples Argue - Sex

The most unexpressed reason behind arguments is sex. When they’re discussing the subject, it’ll make each partner self-conscious when having intercourse. The problem can be either one of them wants less or one wants more.

2. Criticizing the way other cooks

Most Common Reasons Why Couples Argue - criticizing the way other cooks

Let your partner cook without criticizing him. Even the cook’s way of cooking is wrong, let them be.

3. Cleanliness

Most Common Reasons Why Couples Argue - Cleanliness

It never happened that two individuals have the same perspectives when it comes to cleanliness or tidiness. One can be a perfectionist with cleanliness while the other has just no concern at all. Accepting each other’s differences towards this issue or the other’s willingness to change will solve the problem.

4. False memory syndrome

Most Common Reasons Why Couples Argue - False Memory Syndrome

Most arguments aren’t regarding facts about what occurred but about how certain situations are remembered. Everyone always remembers the past for them to place themselves in the spotlight. So when you both you’re trying to fix your mistakes when you’re arguing, it becomes difficult because each of you is becoming imaginative to create a memory or to supplement memory. Both parties therefore, might not agree on facts, which lead to conflict.

5. Who decides what’s best for kids

Most Common Reasons Why Couples Argue -Who decides whats best for kids

Who is the decision-maker for the best of your children?
If you’re having a family, numerous arguments are along your way while raising your children. Before, it was the mother. It depends on the era you’ll choose. But these days, it’s everybody’s guess. One can have a quiet and rational negotiation between the couple, which leads to a sensible and mutual outcome.

6. Blame addiction

Most Common Reasons Why Couples Argue - blame addiction

One reason most people don’t grow is that they usually blame someone if something goes wrong. Extroverts tend to blame others while introverts tend to blame themselves. This is the reason why most couples are ending up together.

7. Money

Most Common Reasons Why Couples Argue - Money

Who’s earning the most? If you’re earning 5x your partner does, are you going to share evenly with them?

8. Interior design

Most Common Reasons Why Couples Argue - Interior design

Again, this is the woman’s domain in a relationship but nowadays, it’s metrosexuals.

9. Holidays

Most Common Reasons Why Couples Argue - Holidays

The killer is the space between reality and hope. Like birthdays and Christmas, holidays can be compared to a petri dish for disappointment, and this disappointment can lead to conflict and is because you’re looking to blame someone. During holidays, you spend time with your partner 24/7, sharing time and habits that can be annoying to the other which could lead to a toxic environment.

10. Relatives

Most Common Reasons Why Couples Argue - Relatives

Maybe your partner’s mother doesn’t like you that much or you don’t like her sibling’s attitude. This commonly happened and became one of the many reasons why couples fight. How one perceives the other’s family can create a gap. You can’t get away from your relatives and that’s the truth even if they live a hundred miles away from you. It’s a must to take all those difficulties multiply by 10 if your family is melded.

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