10 Most Popular Wedding Flowers in the World

Most Popular Wedding Flowers - Tulip

A wedding will not be perfect if there are no flowers. They symbolize true love, purity, strength and faith. Flowers for bouquets, corsages, and other decors add romance, joy, and happiness to the wedding itself.

Below are the 10 most popular wedding flowers in the world.

1. Rose

Until now, rose is the most known flower used for a wedding. Roses has thousands of different kinds available. It blooms in red, yellow, and white colors. Most of its kind has a pleasant smell and available throughout the year. It symbolizes joy, love, and beauty. It’s always used in boutonnieres, corsages, arrangements, and bouquets.

For weddings, spray roses, hybrid tea roses, and garden roses are the three kinds that are widely used. There is great importance in the roses’ colors. Red rose is the most well known and it signifies true love. From the times of ancient up to present, it’s found as the main used flowers in weddings. It has also proven to be a powerful explanation of love. Yellow rose, on the other hand, symbolizes friendship, white rose for innocence and purity, and pink for gratitude and love.

Most Popular Wedding Flowers - Rose

2. Tulip

Tulip has seventy-five (75) different species. It comes in yellow, pink, red, magenta, purple, and white. “Consuming love” is the symbol of tulip flowers. The symbolism and beauty of this flower have a significant element in making bouquets, decorations, and boutonnieres in a wedding. It’s available throughout the year, however expensive. Tulips grow during spring and mostly only have one flower per stem.

Most Popular Wedding Flowers - Tulip

3. Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley is sweet-scented and small. It’s a popular flower in weddings and native in Europe and Asia. Per bundle, it cost $20 to $50. Lots of sprouts are needed for one bouquet. The small and bell-shaped Lily of the Valley is used for decorations and wedding bouquets. It’s combined with other gorgeous flowers to make elegant bouquets. Happiness, sweetness, humidity, and springtime is the symbol of this flower.

It usually grows during fall and spring. Lily of the Valley has six petals. Its smell attracts the butterflies. It can also heal eye infections, kidney stones, and urinary tract infections.

Most Popular Wedding Flowers - Lily of the valley

4. Stephanotis

The fragrant waxy flower Stephanotis is widely used in bouquets for a wedding. Stephanotis, also known as Madagascar jasmine, symbolizes marital happiness. The waxy and the sweet-smelling flower has distinctive petals. It’s available throughout the year and has a moderate price.

Stephanotis plant is native to Africa, Australia, and Madagascar. It blooms up to 10 ft high and normally appears at the start of summer. However, this flower needs a cool temperature continuously.

Most Popular Wedding Flowers - Stephanotis

5. Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea is widely known for its unique fragrance. It grows in different colors such as purple, coral pink, and white. Sweet pea is commonly used in making bouquets because of their availability of different colors and their sweet fragrance. The delicate and beautiful sweet pea symbolizes pleasure. It’s also the best choice in a garden setting and in making vases.

Sweet pea is native in Southern Italy’s Sicily Island. It reaches up to 2 meters high, and it’s a climbing plant. Sweet pea blooms during midsummer. Due to its pleasant smell, it’s also used in perfume production.

Most Popular Wedding Flowers - Sweet Pea

6. Gardenia

Gardenia is popular due to its amazing fragrance. It’s one of the most popular flowers used in a wedding, which symbolizes purity and happiness. White gardenia’s strong scent is always the best for wedding bouquets. It’s always available throughout the year and also inexpensive.

Gardenia is mainly found in Africa, Australia, and Asia. It grows up to two to ten meters high during mid-spring until midsummer. The gardenia in round shape is found in small clusters with pale yellow or white color. It also has dark green shiny leaves.

Most Popular Wedding Flowers - Gardenia

7. Ranunculus

Ranunculus is a perfect choice for a wedding due to its color variety, which includes apricot, pale yellow, white, and orange. Its size is small, multi-pleated, and a not expensive flower. This flower symbolizes radiant charm, which also means “You’re very attractive.”

Ranunculus is not only used in bouquets but also for boutonnieres. It appears during March and June, depending on when it was planted.

Most Popular Wedding Flowers - Ranunculus

8. Hydrangea

The hydrangea flower comes in blue, green, white, and pink and has been known as an ornamental plant. It is used for making elegant bridal bouquets. It looks great when combined with other flowers. This lovely flower is widely used for decorations and boutonniere, however expensive. The name hydrangea means “you’re my heartbeat.”

Worldwide, it has 75 species and blooms across America and Asia. It can grow up to 3 meters high and some can reach up to 30. It blossoms during the beginning of the spring season. Its color depends on the soil’s acidity.

Most Popular Wedding Flowers - Hydrangea

9. Peony

The bright peony has a strong scent and can be seen in North America, Europe, and Asia. It’s used widely in decorations and wedding bouquets. It’s China’s flower symbol and Indiana’s state flower. A happy marriage and good fortune is the symbol of this flower. It blooms in different colors like yellow, white, and red. The mixture of this flower is used in spectacular arrangements and delicates bouquets.

Peonies can live up to 100 years or more. It blooms from April until June. Peonies are named after the healing God of Greek (Paeon). During the times of Ancient China, they are used to treat the convulsion. According to history, it’s has been used for the longest time.

Most Popular Wedding Flowers - Peony

10. Calla Lily

Calla Lily flower is Africa’s native and wedding’s traditional flower. It has a variety of colors like purple, yellow, orange, and pink and trumpet in shape. Calla Lily has two different types and widely used for a wedding. Small ones are used in boutonnieres, while the large ones that have long stems are used for bouquets. Calla, a Greek word, means beautiful. It’s available all year round, however expensive.

Most Popular Wedding Flowers - Calla Lily

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