10 Most Interesting Attractions In Wales

Attractions In Wales

Wales is one of the most charming places in Great Britain. Whether it’s the cuisine or the friendly nature of the people, it’s a place where you can always expect to feel accepted. For those who love that feeling we created 10 Most Interesting Attractions In Wales to visit if you find yourself across the pond.

From beautiful countrysides to ancient castles, Wales is full of gorgeous historical landmarks. It’s where you can be more at peace and spend the quiet time you seek whenever you are vacationing. The coastline is breathtaking and is a place you can venture off to  for reflection.

While peace and quiet is a part of Wales’ countryside, the capital of Cardiff has been revamped and is now where you can find a sufficient amount of nightlife. You can check out some of the 10 Most Interesting Attractions In Wales below.

10 Most Interesting Attractions In Wales

10. Dyffryn Gardens

The lovely botanical gardens in Dyffryn Gardens happens to be a splendid place for anyone to visit. It’s the perfect escape for the budding botanist to set their sites on some rare and beautiful plants.

9. Penrhyn Castle

The Penrhyn Castle began as a manor house which was founded by Ednyfed Fychan. It dates all the way back to the early 1400’s and the architecture is pretty stunning. Some of the castle has also been renovated.

8. Techniquest

Techniquest is located in the capital city of Cardiff and offers plenty scientific adventures to explore. While visiting Techniquest, you can take part in one of the many tours that are offered and it is a perfect place for a scientific educational experience.

Attractions In Wales

7. Cardiff Castle

There is about 2,000 years of history within Cardiff Castle. Like plenty of these marvels, Cardiff castle has plenty of stories and a ton of character. This is as historic as it gets in Wales.

6. Conwy Castle

Conwy Castle is one of the most magnificent marvels in the world. Photos simply doesn’t do the castle any justice according to CADW it was built for Edward I, by Master James of St George.

Attractions In Wales

5. Caernarfon Castle

Caernarfon Castle dates back to the medieval times and happened to be a great fortress in its time. It’s another one of the castles that are in Edward I’s “Iron Ring” along with the aforementioned Conwy Castle.

Attractions In Wales

4. Principality Stadium

From conferences to sporting events, there is always something happening to Principality Stadium. Home to some of the best rugby matches in Wales. It’s a magnificent facility to visit and even better if there is an event happening.

3. Smallest House in Great Britain

The Smallest House in Great Britain is located in Conwy. The house is 6 ft. wide and just over 10 ft. high. You can your the mini-marvel and pretty much experience what it is to live in the Smallest House in Great Britain.

Attractions In Wales

PhotoCred: Nilfanion (Wikimedia Commons)

2. Wales Millennium Centre

Like the Principality Stadium, Wales Millennium Centre is home to some of the most awesome events. However, it is dedicated to the art of acting as its primary function is for famous plays.

Attractions In Wales

1. Snowdonia

For a more natural adventure Snowdonia might be the place you find a little peace and serenity. Not only is there plenty of mountainous areas and views to take your breath away. There is also a beautiful coastal area.

Attractions In Wales

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