10 Most Shocking Hotel Room Secrets That You Should Know

Most Shocking Hotel Room Secrets

One of the best ways to spend your holiday is by staying in a hotel wherein you can pamper yourself. Some staffs are ready to serve you, so you don’t even have to prepare your bed.

However, there are secrets in these pampering hotel rooms that staff are keeping.

These experiences might help you be aware of and more cautious when you decide to check-in. However, this does not apply to all hotels, especially those with a great reputation. Want to know these secrets? If you are curious, then read this list to find out.

Below are the 10 most shocking hotel room secrets that you should know.

1. Are those Drinking Glasses Really Clean?

Most Shocking Hotel Room Secrets

Most people are strict when it comes to cleanliness and sanitation, especially in terms of the things we use when we eat. How would you react if you’ll know that those sparkling glasses aren’t that clean like how it seems to be?

Not everything that sparkles is a gem, and in terms of these glasses, just because it’s sparkling doesn’t mean it’s squeaky clean. A housecleaner has revealed that they only wash those drinking glasses with water and dry them with a towel before being put in the hotel rooms. So if you’re one of the germophobes, horrible, right? Every drink from those hotel glasses might seem like suicide.

2. Not All Hotel Rooms are the Same

Most Shocking Hotel Room Secrets

Deluxe or king-size rooms might fall in the same classification, but they aren’t the same. You can pay for the same price, but how you can be different depends on the room you’ll be given. Some rooms may have a more spacious balcony, and others can have a greater bathroom. So whatever room you have booked, we hope that you’re lucky enough to get what you want.

3. Complimentary Breakfast Isn’t Free at All

Most Shocking Hotel Room Secrets

If you think you have saved money by booking in a hotel with complimentary breakfast, well, you thought wrong. The breakfast isn’t free at all and is included in your expenses. It might be included somewhere in the list of the cost of the room you have booked. Fortunately, you could have saved a little than eating somewhere else.

4. Discounted Price Isn’t Always Desirable

Most Shocking Hotel Room Secrets

Well, discounts are inviting but what you get in exchange doesn’t always guarantee that your expectations will be met. Hotel rooms at a discounted price are usually the least preferable ones. One of the reasons why those rooms are discounted is due to them not being profitable enough. Well, it’s the price that made you choose that room, not the experience. It may not live up to your expectations, but at least it’s not too expensive.

5. Getting Kicked Out of the Hotel

Most Shocking Hotel Room Secrets

Believe it or not, you can get kicked out of the hotel even if you booked earlier than your check-in day. Hotels usually book in a capacity that is more than 100%. There may be chances of your room being given to someone else when you arrive on the actual check-in day, especially if the customer is a regular one. But the good news is, the hotel will help you to look for other hotels to check-in at the same price you booked since they are liable to you.

6. No Vacancy

Most Shocking Hotel Room Secrets

Hotels with no vacancy signs are most likely hotel rooms with few available rooms. These are reserved in case the hotel might need a room for replacement for other guests.

7. The Room You’ve Check-in Didn’t Pass Your Taste

Most Shocking Hotel Room Secrets

Is the room you check-in didn’t pass your taste? You can just ask the staff to replace it and make it change! However, if the rooms are all occupied, this may not be possible.

8. Cancellation Fee Avoidance

Most Shocking Hotel Room Secrets

You can avoid cancellation fees by calling the hotel to postpone the reservation you made. After a few minutes, you can make another call at the hotel and hoping a different staff might answer the call, and then you can cancel your appointment. I hope this works!

9. Unclean Beddings

Most Shocking Hotel Room Secrets

Everything else in the hotel room is not as clean as it supposes and appears to be, unless you are checking-in in a luxurious hotel. Housekeeper in 3-star hotels rarely change duvets in the room; bed sheets and linings are not even washed very often. Not to mention the remote control in the room that never gets clean.

10. Death in Your Hotel Room

Most Shocking Hotel Room Secrets

It is possible that somebody may have died in the hotel room you’re currently staying in. Since the hotel staff didn’t want to lose customers, there is a great chance that they just don’t let this information out.

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