10 Most Interesting Safari Experiences in the World

Safari Experiences in the World

When you think safari, your mind immediately goes towards an African Safari. However, there are other areas in the world where you can enjoy the safari experience just as much as you would in Africa. That being said, Africa is still home to some of the most majestic creatures and landscapes in the world. So, we decided to compile 10 Most Interesting Safari Experiences in the World.

If you’re looking to hitch a ride on a safari chances are you are looking for both adventure and an experience that you will remember for years down the line. These experiences often bring you closer to nature, while educating you about the different species of plants, animals and natural landmarks in the world.

Safari experiences allow your to find the beauty in nature and if you’re lucky you might even see animals that are going extinct, due to the changes that have been effecting the Earth’s climate and natural resources. There is really so much that can be said about the safari experience but we’ll leave you with out life of 10 Most Interesting Safari Experiences in the World and put the exploration in your hands.

10. Botswana

The Kalahari Desert located in Botswana lends itself to a pretty interesting safari experience. While it receives little rain the one wetland area in the desert is home to wildlife that is pretty exclusive to the region. It’s one of the greatest places to enjoy a safari despite being heavily deserted.

Safari Experiences in the World

PhotoCred: Hein waschefort (WikiMedia Commons)

9. Kenya

Kenya is also home to a host of great safari tours such as the Masai Mara tour. You can choose between going out to catch a glimpse of big cats or you can roll with the tour to check out rhinos and elephants. Kenya really seems to have some of the widest ranging safari experiences you could imagine.

Safari Experiences in the World

8. India

From the Tibetan mountains featuring snow leopards and white tigers to the jungles of India that feature lions, leopards, snakes and plenty of other exotic wildlife, India has got plenty to offer in the safari department. Ranthambore has been rated as one of the top spots to spot tigers, jackals and plethora of other animals.

Safari Experiences in the World

7. Tanzania

One of the most popular safari spots in Tanzania happens to be the Fundu Lagoon which is home to plenty of aquatic life. For the most part many don’t realize that there is much more to Africa’s wildlife than lions and giraffes. In fact, the Fundu Lagoon allows you to catch a glimpse of whales, dolphins and even sea turtles given it’s geographic location.

Safari Experiences in the World

6. South Africa

While South Africa is known as one of the more developed countries in Africa, it also has opportunities for enriching safari experiences. In Kruger National Park you will find yourself in the vicinity of bison, lions, leopards and other grand animals.

Safari Experiences in the World

5. Australia

To add a little diversity to the safari experience, we decided to check out what Australia had to offer in terms of safari experiences. Australian safaris give you the opportunity to venture into the outback and check out the native kangaroos. You can also venture out into Darwin and the Kakadu National park where the incredible landscape awaits you.

Safari Experiences in the World

4. Brazil

Thanks to the brilliant Amazon Rainforest of Brazil there is an abundance of safari tours that all you to explore all the rainforest has to offer. As jaguars become rarer your best bet of seeing one could be taking a Brazilian safari out into the Amazon. While you’re searching for the jaguars you can also see exotic snakes like the anaconda and float along the Amazon River.

Safari Experiences in the World

PhotoCred: Kapawie (WikiMedia Commons)

3. Thailand

The Thailand safari experience is very much like that of the Indian one. It allows you to see animals that Asia is proud of rare or abundant. Who knows maybe you’ll even run in to some lemurs, monkeys and other creatures that share the country with humans.

Safari Experiences in the World

2. Malawi

Malawi has ton to offer when it comes to the safari experiences. It’s known for its aquatic attractions thanks to the large lake and beach areas. Other than the aquatic life, you can also spot lions, leopards and other creatures that are native to the land.

Safari Experiences in the World

1. Egypt

Egypt offers a pretty different safari experience. It’s obvious that because of it’s geographic location, there is an abundance of desert area. You can take a camel tour of the desert and if you’re lucky enough come across and oasis or two feature animals that thrive in the harsh conditions.

Safari Experiences in the World

PhotoCred: Kamal Osama Elgazzar (WikiMedia Commons)


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