10 Most Scariest Looking Fish In The World

The ocean seems never-ending and the creatures the inhabit it are still being discovered everyday. Some of them are pretty scary looking and we decided to highlight them in our list of the 10 Most Scariest Looking Fish In The World.

We found some of the most horrible looking fish to share with you. So horrible, that after reading this list, you might think twice before you find yourself swimming in a large body of water anytime soon.

Many of the fish on the list are actually regional to specific areas but given the vastness of the ocean and how endless some of the deepest points can be, who knows what you may encounter.

Don’t worry, we’re done scaring you. You can check out our list of the 10 Most Scariest Looking Fish In The World below.

10 Most Scariest Looking Fish In The World

10. Lion Fish

The lion fish is a wild looking creature with frills and spikes. This is one of the exceptions to our ugly and scary rule because while it is a bit scary, there is something quite beautiful about the colors and stripes. These fish are also quite venomous.

Scariest Looking Fish

9. Armor Fish

Armor fish is another prehistoric-looking species that makes this list. It looks impenetrable and honestly intimidates the heck out of us.

Scariest Looking Fish

8. Pufferfish

The spikes on the pufferfish are enough to drive you away from it. Think about the porcupine of fish and decide whether or not you want to go near it.

Scariest Looking Fish

7. Vampire Fish

The teeth on a vampire fish are enough to make you turn around, swim for the surface and swim for land. You do not want one of these guys taking a bite out of you.

Scariest Looking Fish

6. Stargazer

Part of the stargazer’s weirdness and scary features comes from the fact that it is often buried in the sand. It’s like seeing a terrifying face with scary teeth in the sand. No bueno!

Scariest Looking Fish

5. Frogfish

Most frogs aren’t very cool to look at, so you might imagine that a frogfish isn’t any better. Check out this scary looking creature.

Scariest looking Fish

4. Coffinfish

The coffinfish is a bottom dweller that often has a red or pinkish color to it. It’s facial features are stretched out and it’s just really scary to look at.

Scariest Looking Fish

3. Asian Sheepshead Wrasse

This fish is pretty scary and looks like it could pack one mean head-butt should you come into contact with it. We won’t be swimming near this one.

Scariest Looking Fish

2. Frilled Shark

Video footage of the prehistoric frilled shark surfaced and the almost alien-like fish was scary to look at. This fish are very rare because they tend to live in depths that are far too deep for humans to reach. Only dying fish of this species can be seen at shallower, more reachable depths.

Scariest Looking Fish

1. Blob Fish

The blob fish is the perfect cross between ugly and scary. We mean that in that it is so ugly it scares us.

Scariest Looking Fish

PhotoCred: Inosipmax

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