10 Best Whale Watching Locations In The World

Whale Watching Locations

Watching those giants of the sea out in the open ocean is an amazing and unforgettable experience, so we gathered up the 10 best locations in the world to watch whales up close and in person!


1. Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska

We mentioned Glacier Bay National Park once before, as home to one of the most amazing glaciers in the world – Margerie Glacier. But it’s also a prime location to watch Humpback whales. There are several companies that offer whale watching tours

Whale Watching Locations

Whales in Glacier Bay National Park


2. Husavik, Iceland

Iceland is Europe’s capital for whale watching. And the best place to watch whales in Iceland is in the Northern town of Husavik. The small town has two major companies that offer whale watching tours. Here you can see HumpbacksMinke whales, Blue whales and more!

Whale Watching Locations

Humpback whale in Husavik, Iceland


3. Kaikoura, New Zealand 

Kaikoura is known to be a great place to watch whales in New Zealand and many tourists arrive to the city with this sole purpose in mind. Here you can see Humpback whales, Sperm whales, Killer whales (Orcas), as well as many dolphins and seals

Whale Watching Locations

The fluke of a Humpback, Kaikoura, New Zealand


4. Hawaii

Hawaii is known as a romantic destination and for it’s fabulous beaches. But it’s also a great destination for the more adventurous traveler – with active volcanoes and, of course, whale watching cruises: Humpback whales, or Kohola as they are called by the natives of Hawaii are common in the ocean around the islands of Hawaii and there are cruises leaving from many of the islands

Whale Watching Locations

Best Whale Watching Locations: A Humback whale in Hawaii


5. Puerto Madryn, Argentina

Puerto Madryn is a city near the Valdes Peninsula in the region of Patagonia, Argentina.The Valdes Peninsula is an excellent location to watch Southern Right whales, Killer whales (Orcas), as well as dolphins, sea lions and Elephant seals. Sometimes you can even see the whales from the shoreline!

Whale Watching Locations

The Fluke of a Southern Right Whale in Valdes peninsula, Argentina


6. Hermanus, South Africa

The best time for whale watching in Hermanus and the Walker Bay it resides on is between July and November. You can take a boat cruise to get as close as possible to the giants, but you can also try to find them from the beach or from the cliff path. Hermanus and the Walker Bay are the breeding grounds of the Southern Right whale

Whale Watching Locations

Best Whale Watching Locations: Hermanus, South Africa


7. The Azores

Autonomous Region of the Azores is one of the two autonomous regions of Portugal. It is composed of nine volcanic islands and situated in the North Atlantic Ocean. The Azores is home to many species of whales and dolphins, and is specifically known as a great sighting place to Blue whales and Orcas

Whale Watching Locations

A Whale watching cruise in the Azores


8. Santa Barbara, California

Whales can be seen all along the coast of the state of California, and Santa Barbara is known as one of the bests spots. Blue whales, Humpbacks and even Dwarf Sperm whales can be seen on whale watching cruises

Whale Watching Locations

A blue whale fluke at the Santa Barbara Channel


9. Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver Island is another prime location to watch Gray whales, Orcas, Humpbacks and Minke Whales, as well as many others marine mammals

Whale Watching Locations

Gray whale at Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada


10. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

We mentioned Cabo San Lucas as the home to El Arco De Cabo San Lucas – one of the most beautiful natural arches. We also mentioned the entire Baja California peninsula in Mexico as an excellent location for Sea Kayaking. Well, the peninsula is also a great location to watch whales. Humpbacks, Gray whales, Blue whales and Sperm whales can be spotted here as they migrate from the colder waters up north (Alaska and Siberia) to the warmer waters near Mexico. There are many Whale watching cruises that will be happy to accommodate you

Whale Watching Locations

Gray whale at the Baja California peninsula


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