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10 Most Highest Mountains In The U.S.

It’s incredible to think that the highest mountains in one country can come from one state in particular. However, that just so happens to be the case for this list. We bring you the 10 Most Highest Mountains In The U.S. but it may shock you. While the U.S. is vast the truth here is, all of the highest mountains in the U.S. happen to be in...

10 Historic Prisons From Around The World

Historic Prisons

Normally, a prison is not a place you’d want to visit, and definitely not a tourist attraction. But some historic prisons around the world have become famous landmarks and are even considered a must-see attractions. Here’s a list of ten historic and Infamous prisons which are open to the public. 1. Alcatraz Island, California –...

10 Most Famous Tombs In The World

Famous Tombs In The World

Visiting a cemetery is never an experience we’re looking for, and it’s rarely that a cemetery visit can count as a tourist attraction (with some exceptions like the Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris or the Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires). But some graves standout from the rest. The next list includes ten world famous tombs and...

10 Monuments Destroyed By War

Monuments Destroyed By War

Following is a list of ten sites and landmarks with historical, archaeological or religious significant that were destroyed by war in recent history. Some of these sites were damaged during nearby fighting, while others were demolished on purpose by radical extremists 1. The Ancient City of Bosra, Syria – Bosra was the captial of the Arabian...

10 Destinations For History Enthusiasts

Destinations For History Enthusiasts

Every place has a history, but some places have a profound history that changed and shaped the world we see today. Some places have hundreds and thousands of years of history, staring at you from every corner of the city. Before you is a list of 10 destinations that every history enthusiast must visit 1. Rome, Italy  Rome is heaven for history...

10 Most Amazing Moats In The World

Most Amazing Moats

A moat is a deep artificial ditch, built as a line of defense around a castle or even an entire town. Here’s a list of 10 beautiful moats found around the world 1. Bodiam Castle, East Sussex, England  This beautiful castle was built at the end of the 14th century. The castle was built by Sir Edward Dalyngrigge in order to defend the area...

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