10 Best Candy Factory Tours In The World

Best Candy Factory Tours

When traveling you often get the opportunity to visit a famous or a unique factory. I previously wrote lists on the best brewery tours and the best Whisky distillery tours, and now I’ll list the best chocolate, candy or ice cream factory tours

1. Hershey’s Chocolate Tour, Pennsylvania 

The first thing that comes to mind when saying “chocolate tour” is Hershey Pennsylvania. This is by no means your standard factory tour. There are many different experiences here: the Hershey’s Chocolate Tour, the Create Your Own Candy Bar experience, 4D Chocolate Mystery, Chocolate Tasting Experience, Dessert Creation Studio and much more. Click here for the official site

Best Candy Factory Tours

Hershey’s Chocolate Tour, Pennsylvania (source: CinCool)


2. Ben & Jerry’s Factory Tour, Vermont 

The Ben & Jerry’s factory tour in Vermont is also not exactly kept in secret. The world famous tour is a 30 minute guided tour in the ice cream factory. Visitors learn about the manufacturing process and the Ben&Jerry’s history. After the tour you can enjoy the scoop shop with lots of different and unique tastes, as well as the gift shop. Click here for the official site

Best Candy Factory Tours

Ben & Jerry’s Factory Tour, Vermont (source: Doug Kerr)


3. Perugina Chocolate Factory Tour, Perugia, Italy

Perugina is most famous as the manufacturer of Baci chocolate. The Perugina Chocolate Factory Tour, or Perugina Casa del Cioccolato opened in 1997 on Perugina’s 90th anniversary! You’ll visit the Perugina Museum that tells the story of Perugina – from the tiny workshop producing sugared almonds to its current status as Italy’s most famous chocolate maker. After visiting the museum, you’ll enter the Perugina: the Chocolate factory itself. You can also attend the Perugina Chocolate School that offers visitors the opportunity to become chocolatiers for a day. Click here for the official site

Best Candy Factory Tours

Perugina Chocolate Factory Tour, Perugia, Italy (source: Renzo Giusti)


4. Jelly Belly Factory Tour, California 

The Jelly Belly Factory tour takes place in the factory at Fairfield, California, about one hour drive from San Francisco. The tour is free and takes about 40 minutes. During this walking guided tour you will learn about the history of Jelly Belly, discover some of the secrets of Jelly Belly jelly bean and understand the manufacturing process. Click here for the official site

Best Candy Factory Tours

Jelly Belly Factory Tour, California (source: Hey Paul)


5. Maison Cailler Chocolate, Broc, Switzerland 

The Cailler chocolate company was the first Swiss company that produced chocolate, and it is now owned by Nestle. The tour begins with few exhibits explaining the entire history of chocolate production from the Aztec times to the present, and then the tour continues to a tasting room, where you are taught how to use your senses to taste chocolate and encouraged to eat as much as you want. Click here for the official site

Best Candy Factory Tours

Maison Cailler Chocolate, Broc, Switzerland (source: Norio NAKAYAMA)


6. PEZ Visitor Center, Connecticut 

Visit the real live PEZ factory and view the production through viewing windows and video monitors. Learn the history of PEZ that started way back in 1927, visit the factory store, see the largest and most comprehensive collection of PEZ memorabilia in the world, the world’s largest PEZ dispenser, participate in PEZ trivia game, and much more! Click here for the official site

Best Candy Factory Tours

PEZ Visitor Center, Connecticut (source: Doug Kerr)

7. Chocolate Frey Visitor Center, Buchs, Switzerland 

The Frey visitor center offers many different experiences to visitors: the aroma laboratory, chocolate tasting and chocolate molding, the Chocolate Trail tour, the special shop and more

Best Candy Factory Tours

Chocolate Frey Visitor Center, Buchs, Switzerland


8. Theo Factory Tour, Washington 

While it may not be a world famous chocolate brand, the Theo factory tour in Seattle is well known. You will learn the story of cocoa and how it transforms to chocolate, study on the social and environmental issues related to cocoa and cocoa farmers, and most importantly – you’ll taste the Theo products. The tour is about 1 hour, half of which is seated and the other half is a guided walking tour through the factory. Click here for the official site

Best Candy Factory Tours

Theo Factory Tour, Washington (source: Eli Duke)


9. Hammond’s Candies Factory Tours, Colorado 

Hammond’s Candies Factory Tours in Denver Colorado is absolutely free of charge, and even includes free tastings. Watch how Hammond’s Candies are hand-made and hand-wrapped, from candy canes to lollipops – just like they were made back in the 1920’s. The tour takes place every 30 minutes. Click here for the official site

Best Candy Factory Tours

Hammond’s Candies Factory Tours, Colorado (source: tales of a wandering youkai)


10. The Ethel M Factory Tour, Nevada 

The Ethel M Factory Tour outside Las Vegas was opened in 1981 by Forrest Mars, inventor of M&M, in honor of his mother. The tour is best seen during weekdays when the factory is in operation and all guests receive one free piece of chocolate. Click here for the official site

Best Candy Factory Tours

The Ethel M Factory Tour, Nevada (source: Brian Whitmarsh)

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