10 Most Expensive Restaurants in the World

Most Expensive Restaurants - Restaurant Le Meurice

Millions of expenditure on construction and design, hiring top-notch employees, and choosing the highest quality of ingredients are what restaurants do to earn their valuable reputation in the food industry. If you want to experience the ultimate lavish dining experience, then check out these restaurants. You might be wondering why some of the high priced restaurants you know aren’t on the list, but due to the pandemic, some of them aren’t open as of the moment. However, after the coronavirus, they might be included on this list.

1. Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee

With the white and gold reverie and huge chandeliers with crystals dripping on them, you can tell that the place is definitely expensive. A five-course meal costs 395€ (about $458) but you can eat an individual dish which has a price around 195€ or $226.

Most Expensive Restaurants - Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee

Image source: alainducasse-plazaathenee.com

2. Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare

Chef’s table’s tasting menu costs $394.36 per person, excluding the sake or wine. It is predominantly more on shellfish and fish dishes. It is one of the restaurants in America that is hard to get reservations. Fortunately, you can now taste the impressive wines and dishes at a much lower price through Caviar because of the pandemic.

Most Expensive Restaurants - Chef Table at Brooklyn Fare

Image source: Thomson200 | Wikimedia.org

3. The French Laundry

This restaurant of Chef Thomas Keller is located in Yountville, California. If you’re looking for a restaurant that serves for special occasions, this restaurant is perfect. The chef’s tasting menu and delicious veggies for outdoor dining cost $350 per individual.

Most Expensive restaurants - The French laundry

Image source: Peter Merholz | Flickr.com

4. Restaurant Le Meurice (Paris, France)

One of the most extravagant restaurants in Paris, Le Meurice reeks with opulence. Boasting restaurant’s grandiose interior designs, chandeliers, vintage mirrors, and frescoes, including modern designs such as sculptures that are water-inspired and Space Age chairs. There are current dinner menus that will be offered and each will cost $289, and the other one costs $370.

Most Expensive Restaurants - Restaurant Le Meurice

Image source: alainducasse-meurice.com

5. Restaurant de l’Hotel de Ville

If you want to taste Switzerland’s finest cuisine, then try to visit Restaurant de l’Hotel de Ville, located in Crissier of Switzerland. The cheapest meal they offer cost 60 Swiss francs while the multiple course menu they serve has a price that starts from 390 Swiss francs.

Most Expensive Restaurants: Restaurant de l'Hotel de Ville

Image source: restaurantcrissier.com

6. Guy Savoy

The Las Vegas’ Guy Savoy restaurant offers several menus and they all have sky-high prices. A dine-in a la carte has a price of $125, while the main menu for an individual with premium wine included costs $555. If you want Krug Chef’s Table menu, which includes Champagne and 10 courses, then ready your wallet for an amount of $650.

7. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant (Maldives)

Nestles 16 feet below the seafloor in Maldives, is one of the most magnificent restaurant on Earth, which also comes with a price–ranging $330 for high-end dinner and $220 for lunch under the sea. If you are looking for a unique restaurant to dine in, Ithaa Undersea Restaurant might be a great choice.

8. The Krug Room

Found in Hong Kong at the Mandarin Oriental–Krug Room is one of the prides of the city. Robin Zavou, Krug Room’s Chef makes three appetizing menus with high quality seafood and meat paired with Champagne by Krug; the price ranging from $375 to $760, good for six guests.

Most Expensive Restaurants - The Krug Room

Image source: mandarinoriental.com

9. Le Pre Catelan (Paris, France)

Le Pre Catelan is a gem of Paris that the renowned Chef Frederic Anton manages. They serve a precious eight-course meal that features langoustine ravioli with gold leaf jelly and foie gras, veal sweetbreads and cherry tree-smoked salmon that will cost you a lavish amount of 290€ or $336.

Most Expensive Restaurants - Le Pre Catelan

Image source: restaurant.leprecatelan.com

10. Kitcho Arashiyama Honten (Kyoto, Japan)

Listed as one of the top visited places by the tourists after COVID-19 –offers four various palpable menus, each come with a different level of extravagance. A single meal comes with sashimi, pickles, soup, steamed rice, a slow-cooked, grilled and side dish including confection, green tea, and some fruits — the cost varies from $375 to $565 and the bill may reach to $754 including taxes and fees.

Most Expensive Restaurants - Kitcho Arashiyama Honten

Image source: kyoto-kitcho.com

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