10 Of My Favorite Photos

Favorite Photos

Every now and then I like to publish a post that has no specific subject like my standard posts, but rather composed of some favorite photos of mine under a mutual idea. Such posts was this list of wildlife eye contacts, the list of adorable animals photos, or this list of beautiful nature scenes. This time I wanted to publish a list of some of photos I truly love, and link them to a posts that relate to their subject or location. Hope you enjoy them

1. Women in the floating market 

This picture was taken in the famous Domnoen Saduak floating market, located in Ratchaburi, near Bangkok, Thailand. I posted this photo in the post on the best attractions in Bangkok

Favorite Photos

Women in the floating market, Bangkok, Thailand


2. Macaque in Gibraltar 

This Barbary macaque is sitting on the top of the Upper Rock area of Gibraltar, overlooking the entrance to the Mediterranean. It is part of the last remaining wild monkey population in Europe. Gibraltar itself is a British Overseas Territory, an enclave within Spain. I previously mentioned Gibraltar in the post of most extreme airports, the smallest countries in Europe, and the most fascinating enclaves in the world

Favorite Photos

Macaque in Gibraltar


3. Ducks in Yarkon park 

This is a rather simple picture but I truly like it. It was taken in Yarkon park in Tel Aviv. This park was mentioned here in the list of the most famous urban parks and the list of the best attractions in Tel Aviv

Favorite Photos

Ducks in Yarkon park, Tel Aviv, Israel


4. Dogs in Colonia 

These two dogs are taking their siesta in Colonia, Uruguay

Favorite Photos

Dogs in Colonia, Uruguay


5. Los Glaciares national park

Los Glaciers national park in Argentina is most famous for its Perito Moreno glacier. I took this picture with the Perito Moreno to my back. The famous glacier was mentioned here several times, as one of the best attractions in Argentina, one of the world’s most amazing glaciers, one of the most famous natural landmarks in South America and as one of the world’s most amazing natural heritage sites

Favorite Photos

Los Glaciares national park, Argentina


6. Sunset in Yellowstone national park 

I took this picture in one of Yellowstone’s geyser basins, just before sunset, on the last day the park was open before the big government shutdown of 2013. The next day the shutdown began and Yellowstone along with all the national parks were closed for two long weeks. The bubbling mud and boiling water, along with the sunset in the horizon gave me the feeling if the end of the world. Yellowstone national park was mentioned here in the list of the United states most visited national park and the world’s most amazing natural heritage sites

Favorite Photos

Sunset in Yellowstone national park


7. Zambujeira do Mar, Portugal 

The Atlantic Ocean and the beautiful Sea Cliffs of Zambujeira do Mar, South-West Portugal, just before sunset on high tide

Favorite Photos

Zambujeira do Mar, Portugal


8. Canal in Amsterdam 

A typical canal in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Amsterdam is linked by countless artificial canals, and a cruise or a rental pedal boat is a great way to experience the essence of the city. Here’s a list of the best attractions in Amsterdam

Favorite Photos

Canal in Amsterdam, the Netherlands


9. Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre, Italy

Riomaggiore is one of the five villages that are called together Cinque Terre (“the five lands”) in the Italian Riviera. These villages are located in the Italian Riviera and are widely famous for their colorful houses. I previously mentioned Cinque Terre in the post on the most colorful places in the world. I liked the cactus in the corner of the photo, and after I took it I realized that I’m far from original. This angel and cactus don’t just appear in many travelers photos, but there are even souvenirs (postcards, magnets) with the same cactus. But I like it anyway

Favorite Photos

Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre, Italy


10. Bird in Perito Moreno 

I photographed this small chirping bird on the walkway right in front of the Perito Moreno glacier in Argentina. The glacier is at the background

Favorite Photos

Bird in Perito Moreno, Argentina

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