10 Most Stunning Volcanoes in the World

Most Stunning Volcanoes - Popocatepetl Volcano

A lot of people are considering themselves lucky enough if they live far away from the active volcanoes. It’s understandable due to its grave effects once eruption happens. Normally, who would like to live in a volcanic place? Though there are some consequences in living near volcanoes, they still have significance in the field of tourism.

Among many attractions worldwide, volcanoes are the topmost choice of tourists. You might consider visiting these 10 most stunning volcanoes in the world.

1. Mount Fuji in Japan

Mount Fuji, a Japanese volcano, is the top tourist attraction and still remains active. The cone is symmetrical in shape. The snow covers the mountain during winter, which creates a beautiful view or sight. There are different routes when going to the summit, just choose the best ones. The most popular route is the Kawaguchiko due to the huts where tourists can take rest on their stopover. The best months to climb the mountain are August and July.

Most Stunning Volcanoes - Mount Fuji

2. Maelifell Volcano in Iceland

Maelifell Volcano is found in Iceland and located at Myrdalsjökull glacier’s edge. The volcano’s surface is green and the cone is perfectly covered with moss. It sounded like an unspoiled spot to visit. Moreover, around its landscape is made up of color black soil. The whole spot is picturesque and there are hot springs if you wish to take a bath. The ideal month to visit the location is June because there’s no snow during that time.

Most Stunning Volcanoes - Maelifell Volcano

3. Mount Etna in Italy

Sicily, Italy’s Mount Etna is another stunning volcano in the world. In Europe, it’s ranked as the tallest and most popular one. It houses the mythological God, Hephaestus, and Cyclops, the monster with one eye. You can do a lot of things around it, and the scenery around Mount Etna is attractive. You can see 400 craters around!

Most Stunning Volcanoes - Mount Etna

4. Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro is located in Tanzania. It is known for being Africa’s highest peak at 19,331 ft. It’s the most visited mountain by several tourists because it’s the easiest to climb and you’ll surely see mountaineers and trekkers during your tour.

Most Stunning Volcanoes - Mount Kilimanjaro

5. Mayon Volcano in the Philippines

In case you’ve already visited the Philippines, you must have experienced and seen Mayon Volcano. It has slopes that are very steep and this volcano stays active so everyone must be prepared anytime it erupt. Five climbers died during the eruption last May 2013; however, it shouldn’t scare you. Only devoted climbers are for Mount Mayon, not the fainthearted ones because of such danger.

Most Stunning Volcanoes - Mayon Volcano

6. Mount Bromo in Indonesia

Mount Bromo is located in Indonesia and is highly active. Once you visit the mountain, you can feel you’re on a different planet. It continuously fumes, and most travel companies offer services to tourists to make your travel easy. You can enjoy horseback riding on the mountain’s slopes while it’s the Hindu Festival during August, which for sure enjoyable. Besides August, April to October are the best months to go there because there’s no flooding.

Most Stunning Volcanoes - Mount Bromo

7. Mount St. Helens in the USA

This world’s stunning volcano, Mount St. Helens, is located in Washington, USA. The last eruption happened in 1980, which led to numerous deaths and destruction of the cone summit. This mountain has become the tourists’ top destination in the USA. Mount St. Helen has a number of viewpoints that are significant during helicopter tours. November and May are the best months to visit due to dry and warm weather.

Most Stunning Volcanoes - Mount St Helens

8. Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica

It was1968 when Arenal Volcano has erupted and continuously spilling ash and lava. The volcano’s slopes have many opportunities for tours and recreational activities. You’ll like the volcano’s impressive nature with a tall and symmetrical shape. Enjoy rafting, swimming, waterfall rappelling, and biking. Dry seasons are the best time to go here, from February until April.

Most Stunning Volcanoes - Arenal Volcano

9. Popocatepetl Volcano in Mexico

Popocatepetl can be found in Mexico. Up to date, it’s still active and very easy to access, for it is only 70 kilometers away from the city. The heavy and cultural significance that’s connected to Popocatepetl can be learned once you visit the mountain. A single day tour can be satisfying. December to March are the best months to climb and visit the mountain for a great experience. Nevertheless, since it’s not safe to hike, you need to look for the safety precautions from the officials.

Most Stunning Volcanoes - Popocatepetl Volcano

10. Mauna Loa in the USA

Mauna Loa, located in Hawaii, is the planet earth’s biggest volcano. It remains active and is 30,085 ft high. No mountain other than Mauna Loa can let you experience the volcanic power. Hawaii is well known for beaches; however, annually, volcanoes have taken over quickly and have drawn by many tourists. There are no restrictions when you visit the place. You’ll just need a confirmation from Hawaii Volcanoes National Park for your guaranteed safety.

Most Stunning Volcanoes - Mauna Loa

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