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Lists of 10 countries (or states), rated according to a different criteria on each post

10 Most Popular Desserts in the World with a Fascinating History

Most Popular Desserts - Creme Brulee

A gourmand with a true appetite for sweets considers desserts as a queen in every table, which is very well explained by their taste. Below are the 10 most popular desserts in the world with a fascinating history. 1. Pakhlava in Turkey Pakhlava is an Eastern traditional dish, a tiny square with thinnest slices filled with crumbled nuts in honey or...

10 Poorest Countries In The World

The world is filled with thriving countries and plenty of countries who have struggling economies. We decided to take a look at the 10 Poorest Countries In The World. It is important to be informed so you can take some action that could help these countries. Our list is generated with information and research from the CIA World Factbook. The list...

10 Largest Countries In Europe

Largest Countries In Europe

There are 50 countries in Europe, and with one great exception (Russia – which resides on both Europe and Asia), Europe‘s 10 largest countries are far from the sizes of the world’s largest countries. After listing Europe’s 10 smallest countries, here’s a list of Europe’s largest countries, by area 1. Russia ...

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