Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

As the clock turns for a brand New Year, all of us tend to reflect on the year that was and looking forward to the year that is. We all do self- introspection on the things or changes that we want to happen as we embark on another journey with time. Check if the Top Ten New Year’s resolutions include some of yours.

1. More Quality Time with Family & Friends

New Year's Resolutions
No doubt family and friends are two of life’s priceless treasures. Most of us would agree that spending quality time with the people who we value the most should always be our top priority. Always endeavor to reach out to your loved ones no matter how busy you are. Invite them for an evening with coffee, treat them for a dinner perhaps, would be more than enough.


2. Fit in Fitness

New Year's Resolutions
More and more people are becoming health-conscious that is why one will always find exercising on the top list of everyone’s New Year’s resolutions. Besides, it does not come as a surprise because studies have proven that exercising yields great benefits for the body. It could prolong life, stave off some common diseases, reduces weight and the like. Add in to this, the interest to be fit is much more like a fad especially now with the various social media platforms where everyone yearns to look good and be “liked”.


3. Tame the Bulge

New Year's Resolutions
I’m sure you can relate to this, especially those whose age claims that metabolism tends to slow down hence the extra weight! Losing weight is one of the top list of many people for their New Year’s resolution that is why weight loss has become a billion-dollar industry. Whatever diet program that fits you, be in it all and with perseverance and discipline, you will achieve your goal.


4. Quit Smoking

New Year's Resolutions
They say this is one of the hardest habits to break. However, you can always quit smoking if you really want to. If you failed the first time, try it again until you will no longer enjoy it. What more, the excise tax that most governments across the globe are putting on tobacco products, to discourage smoking because of health implications, might be of help for you. There are also help centers in other countries, like the US, where you can ask assistance to, when required.


5. Enjoy Life More

New Year's Resolutions
Almost everyone is living a stressful life overwhelmed by the fast-paced techno-world we are in today. That is probably the reason why many vow to enjoy life more if and when they can, as part of their New Year’s bucket list. Travel. Go and explore to places you’ve never been before. Try a new skill that you truly love but has been put on hold in the previous year. Do charity works. Who knows, you’ll find your purpose by doing so. Whatever it is, take it easy and enjoy life.


6. Quit Drinking

New Year's Resolutions
This could easily be the number one resolution of those whose loved-ones are alcoholics. Many of the heavy drinkers would vow to stop drinking come New Year’s Eve. Are you one of them? Like smoking, it could be a hard habit to break but with will and determination, believe you can. In the US, there is the Alcoholics Anonymous who offers assistance to those who wish to eliminate drinking in their lives. You can also rely on some support groups, including your family and the local church to guide you.


7. Be Debt-Free

New Year's Resolutions

For those who wish to gain financial independence, getting out of debt should be in their priority list. More and more people are being debt-trapped. News of depression and suicide are not uncommon for those who fell into the debt trap. Learn to manage your finances well by living within your means and by consciously knowing your wants from your needs. If you do, know that it will surely pay great dividends in the end.


8. Learn New Set of Skills

New Year's Resolutions
Do you promise yourself to learn something new in the coming year? Yes, you must. We should never stop learning, especially nowadays where it is very easy to learn a new skill at the comfort of your home with the help of the Internet. Online courses are always available depending on your requirement. Besides, you can learn various DIY (do-it-yourself) skills via YouTube Tutorials. Or you can simply read more books, take the challenge of finding another job in another place to immerse in another culture and learn something new. Be a learned person.


9. Help Others

New Year's Resolutions
Helping others is a selfless and noble New Year’s vow, especially for those who have the heart to serve. I recommend that this should be in everyone’s list. We all need one another and we can extend help in the simplest way we can. We can volunteer for a feeding program in depressed areas of our community, providing the needs of the elderlies at a home for the aged, initiate to raise funds for orphans and the like. It’s all worth it. Always be kind.


10. Get Organized

New Year's Resolutions
This resolution is simple and achievable. You might find it funny, like me, because this has been always on my list, too. If there is one excellent model for organizing, it’s the extremely popular Japanese 5S– Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain. This model allows you to find what you need in no time at all, easily clean even the unreachable, and efficient inventory of your things. Try it and you’ll know it.

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