10 Common Lies of Women in Relationships

Common Lies of Women

There are times that lying is necessary especially if it means protecting someone else’s feelings or saving themselves. It doesn’t matter whether it is a white lie or a total deceit, being untruthful in between couples is definitely a detrimental factor that will affect their relationship. Both have the capability to lie towards their other half, for whatever the reason is, it may not be the same.

Here are the 10 common lies of women in relationships:

1. Number of people she’s been with in bed

Common Lies of Women

It is more likely that both of you had several sexual partners. Despite knowing that this is true, you would feel uncomfortable at the marks of those numbers. That is why she may lie regarding sexual history if questioned. Naturally, accepting each other’s past is necessary, and if someone’s going to judge you based on those numbers, then it’s time to go on separate ways.

2. Social Media Life

Common Lies of Women
Is your social media feed usually consists of happy couples, unforgettable weddings and the vacation that you’re yearning? If yes, you’re not the only one. In this world where every event is updated and rampant cyber-gloating, it’s not surprising if your small-scale accomplishments wan in comparison. Besides, a picture of that laughing baby covered with spaghetti has nothing to do with the advancement of your career.

3.”I’m Fine” but she meant it the other way around

Common Lies of Women
“Nothing’s wrong, I’m fine.” This is according to one survey in Daily Mail Australia that researchers have found to be on top of the list. Anybody who has heard those words usually doesn’t ponder much that it is a punishable offense, however, it is still a lie. Unlike in a platonic relationship with your co-workers, a white lie is unacceptable in romantic relationships. When she tells her other half that she is fine and yet her mind is bothered by something, she would end up feeling detached or irritated.

4. Her pricey expenses

Common Lies of Women
No matter who earns more, money is always a part of an issue. It is possible that women are tempted to hide the truth on how much is the real cost of her new clothes, her expensive perfume collection or buying the most expensive chocolates in the world. When the topic is about money, always be true.

5. Telling the significant other “You’re the Best I Ever Had.”

Common Lies of Women
Pleasing each other on bed is normal for both of you. And living with your meant-to-be partner is wonderful. But the fact is, it doesn’t necessarily mean that both of you will be the best to one another. A woman informed CafeMom that she is untruthful with her husband when she said that she had experienced the greatest sex ever with him. But sincerely, will it make things really better if you tell the whole truth in a situation like this? In cases like this, it’s fine to tell a little white lie.

6. Fantasizing somebody else

Common Lies of Women
The same point above, what else is there to gain in telling fantasies (not involving one another) in the midst of sensual moment? According to Women’s Health, there’s a possibility that ladies fantasize another person during the act.

So, before you get emotionally upset, nevertheless, always remember that neither you or your partner can control your own thoughts.

7. Reaching the climax

Common Lies of Women
There are instances that women faked their orgasm once or several times. Whatever reason may be, it’s a lie. Either she wanted to get over with, or maybe she knew that it’s not happening this time. In any case, it is possible. In Men’s Health, according to them, 48% of female have faked their orgasm.

8. Never had fooled around in her circle of friends

Common Lies of Women

Everyone has a good set of friends, both woman and man who have been with them for a long time. That is why it’s possible that a woman dated one friend of hers. Right before jealousy sets in, she will lie about it. A friendship that’s important for her, though, the Thought Catalog says that there’s a good incident she’ll keep those dark little secrets in the past to herself only.

9. She’s not that into with her ex-lover

Common Lies of Women
Anybody who had spent so much time to another person surely has feelings towards them, even though there’s none at all. According to the author of Deep Dark Secrets, Little White Lies Susan Shapiro Barash mentioned in Men’s Fitness that she might lie to protect her partner’s feelings, to make herself look like a good girl or to show that she wasn’t really searching endlessly for the right partner.

10. Birth Control

Common Lies of Women
2,000 women were asked on a survey about the lies they heard or told, landing on top is “I’m on birth control” which is the most profound fib. Regardless of anything else, being truthful about your sexual relationship is very important. The chances of unwanted pregnancy are not cool at all.

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  • Women lie about everything. Unlike men, they are not accountable for what they did and are doing in their lives. It boggles the mind at times what most women bother to lie about. I learned at a very young age that telling the truth all the time is the best course of action. That way, you don’t have to remember which lie to tell to the same person. You just freakin’ tell the truth! If women did this, much of the trouble they cause others with all their damn lying would be averted. Don’t hold your breath on that one. Women lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie ALL THE Time. You even lied about how you set this up.

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