10 Largest States By Population

Largest States By Population

We already listed the largest states by area, so here are the largest states in the United States by population


1. California – 38 million – The Golden State with it’s metropolis of San Francisco and metropolis of Los Angeles, has the largest population in the United States with almost 12% of the total population of the USA. California is also the 3rd largest state by area

Largest States By Population

Los Angeles metropolitan


2. Texas – 26 million – The second largest state is also the second largest by population. The largest city in Texas is Houston.

Largest States By Population

Austin, texas – Texas is the 2nd largest state by population


3. New York – 19.6 million – New York is only ranked 27 by area, but it has a dense population ranking it as the third largest state by population, with NYC of course being the major metropolitan of the state

Largest States By Population

Manhattan, NYC, NY – New York is the 3rd largest state by population


4. Florida – 19.5 million – The Sunshine State has almost the same population as New York. Jacksonville is the largest city while Miami is the main metropolitan

Largest States By Population

Miami, Florida – Florida is the 4th largest state by population


5. Illinois – 12.8 million – 5th largest population in the USA with Chicago being the largest city and metropolitan

Largest States By Population

Chicago, Illinois – Illinois is the 5th largest state by population


6. Pennsylvania – 12.7 million – The largest city in the state of Pennsylvania is Philadelphia, home of  the Liberty Bell

Largest States By Population

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


7. Ohio – 11.5 million – Columbus is the capital and largest city in the state of Ohio

Largest States By Population

The skyline of Columbus, Ohio


8. Georgia – 10 million – Atlanta is the capital and the most populous city in the Peach State

Largest States By Population

Atlanta, Georgia

9. Michigan – 9.9 million – The largest city in The Great Lake State is Detroit

Largest States By Population

Michigan, Detroit


10. North Carolina – 9.85 million – Charlotte is the largest city in the Old North State

Largest States By Population

Charlotte, North Carolina. North Carolina is the 10th largest state by population

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