10 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations in the World

Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations - Israel

Everyone loves traveling, who doesn’t, right? Our world has various places which are ideal for tourist attractions. However, safety precautions are needed, especially when traveling in spots that are dangerous to roam. So here is the list of the 10 most dangerous tourist destinations in the world.

1. Acapulco, Mexico

Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations - Mexico

Mexico has several distinct features that surely captivate tourists around the world. Unfortunately, it remains to be third in the most violent city in the world. The crimes are at their peak, making it hard for tourists to enjoy the tour without thinking of the possibility of criminals lurking around.

2. Kingston, Jamaica

Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations - Jamaica

Kingston is a wonderful place to travel, especially with its chilly vibe, which it’s known for. However, being alert and cautious while traveling is a must because of the high chance of robbery, drug trade and assault that could happen in this place.

3. Haiti and the Dominican Republic

Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations - Dominican Republic

Although crimes like robbery aren’t persistent in the Caribbean, kidnapping, bank/credit card frauds and assault can still happen in this place while one is enjoying his visit.

4. Cape Town, South Africa

Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations South Africa

Africa is one of the top places that you must explore on this planet. Again, you must be ready to discover the beauty that this place could offer and the reality that crimes are waiting to happen around, so be alert and stay safe.

5. Mumbai, India

Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations - India

Mumbai is a great place to travel with its rich history that is so fascinating. But being cautious is still essential, especially with the possibility of being harassed or mugged in this place of India.

6. Peru

Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations - Peru

The country of Peru is known for its majestic ruins and ancient civilization, which makes the country distinct. However, despite the beauty that this place holds lies a risk that one must be aware of. Traveling the trails of tourist destinations like Machu Pichu could be dangerous because of the drug cartels and terrorist groups present in Peru.

7. Bangkok, Thailand

Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations - Thailand

Bangkok is one of the places which is great for vacations. However, it is a must to really be careful, especially if you’re not quite familiar with the places. Be cautious of the street scams and burglars you might encounter because reporting it to the police will take a long time due to the corrupt police investigations that is a huge problem in that place.

8. Israel

Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations - Israel

Despite Israel’s beauty, many people have hesitations about adding this place to their list of travel destinations due to the high possibility of terrorism caused by foreign and political policies. This is the reason why it is such a risky tourist destination in the world.

9. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations - Brazil

We can’t leave Rio de Janeiro in the list of our distinguished tourist spots globally, especially with the countless people who visit it every year. Unfortunately, this place still faces the big problem of theft and street crimes in the present.

10. Bogota, Columbia

Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations - Columbia

During the time of Pablo Escobar, drug mafia and trafficking were ineradicable. Fortunately, it is much safer to travel now in Bogota than in the past as long as a tourist will travel to the usual tourist destination and won’t go elsewhere.

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