10 Most Interesting Attractions In Houston Texas

The city of Houston, Texas is one of the most interesting ones to visit. It’s full of interesting sites and great places to educate yourself about the city’s culture. So, we decided to explore the 10 Most Interesting Attractions In Houston Texas.

Whether you’re catching a baseball game in Houston at Minute Maid to watch the Astros or you’re trying to check out the fine art that Houston has to offer, Houston really has it all. There is no denying the culture and friendly nature of the city.

We decided to leave restaurants off our list as we’ll visit those another time. This time it’s all about the attractions and we couldn’t be happier with all of the choices. So, you can check out the 10 Most Interesting Attractions In Houston Texas.

10 Most Interesting Attractions In Houston Texas

10. Minute Maid Park

If you’re a Houston Astros fan, there is no other place in the world that you would rather be than Minute Maid Park, to watch the team play at home.


9. Museum of Fine Arts

You can check out the latest exhibitions at the Museum of Fine Arts where there is always something new to see.


8. The Galleria

If you’re more of the shopping type, it certainly can’t hurt to explore the high end stores at the Galleria. This posh space is great for a relaxing day of retail therapy.


7. Houston Space Center

One of the most historic places in Houston would be the Houston Space Center. Get whisked away in all there is to learn about the Space Center and how it came to be.


6. Museum of Natural Science

If you want to see some awesome fossils and dinosaur displays, look no further than the Museum of Natural Science. There is also a Fabergé exhibit that is running.


PhotoCred: Agsftw (Wikimedia Commons)

5. Downtown Aquarium

Not only does the Downtown aquarium serve as an awesome place to visit. You can also admire the amazing architecture in Houston especially at night.


4. Houston Zoo

The Houston Zoo is home to a plethora of animals and like all zoos happens to be instant fun. It’s especially fun for families with young ones looking for that shock and awe factor.


3. Six Flags AstroWorld

Six Flags is all over the U.S. and Houston was once the home of AstroWorld. The park closed in October of 2005 however, you can check out the last remnants of the park.


2. ArtCar Museum 

If you want to see some awesome cars that have been turned into super works of at the ArtCar Museum is the place to go. What happens when cars get old? Well, some of the most talented artists take a shot at turning them into remarkable works of art.


1. Kemah Boardwalk

Kemah, Texas is just Southeast of Houston making it a bordering area. Venture down a bit to check out the awesome boardwalk and amusement park rides for a ton of unexpected fun.



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