10 Best French Fries – Based on Deliciousness

Best French Fries

Who doesn’t love fries with all its crispiness and come in different sizes and shape?

Crinkle cut, shoestring fries, and curly fries – we feast on it all. However, we definitely believe that every preparation style alters its taste. Are we being delusional? Possibly, but that’s the story and we are standing by it.

So keep on reading to find out the 10 best fries according to its deliciousness.

10) The Potato Wedges French Fries

Best French Fries

The potato wedge settles all the very last choice of French fries totem pole. It has lots of tasty potato filling, yet they fall off in regards with its crunchiness which is what we really want with our fries. It’s more of like baked potato and it gets limp and softs fast as it gets cold. We’re not saying NO in eating this kind of fries but it’s far-off from the first choice.

9) The Waffle French Fries

Best French Fries

The waffle fries in return is the opposite of potato French fries. Its too crunchy and doesn’t have enough potato. It looks cool but not so gratifying to eat. There’s a confusion with these fries of what they really want to be-steaming basket of French fries or bag of Ruffles? Apparently, it cannot be both, thus resulting to a weird hybrid which really doesn’t work for us.

8) The Sweet Potato French Fries

Best French Fries

We don’t despise these fries but definitely, we’re not loving it. As the name implies, it has a slightly sweeter taste that sometimes we’re here for and at the same time, despises also at some point. It’s not their fault that it was made from a different type of potato, however, since we’re not liking them at all times we’ve listed them at number 8.

7) The Crinkle Cut French Fries

Best French Fries

The crinkle cut French fries seems to look like the good time. It’s heavy, thick and with awesome waves which make eating these fries a bit more adventurous. Again, no crunchiness just like what we’re looking for in a fries that’s why it has to be eaten while still hot otherwise it’s just gross. But still, it’s absolutely enjoyable fries experience.

6) The Steak French Fries

Best French Fries

The steak fries seem to be barely fun-looking kind of crinkle cut type of fries, but it has a much nicer taste. They are thick, double-fried giving you a yummy crunch which is missing in the crinkle cut. Nothing’s really that bad about the steak fries, it’s just that there’s much better that exist. So, steak fries- sorry.

5) The Standard French Fries

Best French Fries

This is where it all started- the standard fries. Despite of it being a classic choice, it is still better compared to later versions and worse compared to others. We place them in middle of the list because standard fries are known to be the matriarch of French fries. However, besides that, we cannot really criticize them. They are good. If you happen to be questioning your fries option, choose standard fries.

4) The Belgian Fries

Best French Fries

This might look like a classic fries experience, but certainly, they’re not. They’re the same like steak fries because they ‘re double-fried, but much thinner also which gives much-defined crunch placing them higher in our list. It comes in different kinds of sizes and shapes and it showcases perfect balance in a crunch and the potato. Their taste is like you have just increased 45 pounds, in which that’s what we’d wanted.

3) The Shoestring French Fries

Best French Fries

In spite of this being not as crunchy like the Belgian fries, there’s definitely something gratifying about them. Maybe they’re thin so can stuff a handful on your mouth, it may also be due to its smaller quantity which makes it feel less heavy and lesser filling. Honestly, we’re not sure but we could eat a bowl of this fries any given day in the week.

2) The Curly Fries

Best French Fries

There’s something in these fries that’s so satisfying. Basically, they’re fun. Don’t question us on how they kept the shape, who cares-we just love them! Additionally, they’re crunchy and delicious outside and a soft filling which is perfectly balanced because of its flawless curl. They are awesome and you cannot change our mind about it.

1) The Garlic Fries

Best French Fries

With garlic on it, definitely, it’s a sold out. different type of fries does not have much chance when compared to garlic fries. Adding a little amount of garlic makes fries extremely delicious, that’s why honestly, there’s no other alternative for the king of French fries.

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